About me

meI am a wildlife biologist interested in the behavioural and physiological aspects of group living in vertebrates. Within the last years, I have used a multidisciplinary approach to study aspects of sociality in mammals, such as:

– How personality can affect conservation of bats.

Personality development under high population density in voles.

– Costs and benefits of reciprocal cooperation in rats.

Signalling of hunger and health status in rats and bats.

– Physiological adaptations to costs of group living, such as the immune system of bats.

Generally, I investigated how the condition of an individual can be influenced by various factors and eventually signalled to other group members. I aim at combining these two aspects by focusing on the importance of physiological adaptations to group living, as well as signaling of individual quality among conspecifics.

You can find details on current and past research projects by following the links on the left. All resulting publications are available as pdfs for free.

I am always interested in international collaborations, so please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, check out the gallery with pictures from field trips.

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